Pet Waste Removal Services for Homeowners and Communities
Community/Park FAQs
  • How much dog waste is in my community?

    Dogs vary greatly in size and diet, so it is difficult to say exactly. However, it is estimated that the average dog produces 1.5 lbs of waste each day, and 548 lbs of waste each year! Approximately 37% of households have at least one dog, which means a community consisting of 200 homes would have at least 74 dogs producing 40,552 pounds of dog waste each year. Now that is a ton of poop... Wait - that's actually that's over 20 tons!

  • Which pet waste stations are best for my community?

    Great question! To learn about pet waste stations and how to choose the right ones for your community, contact us at (301) 821-5777 or

  • Why don't people pick up after their pets?

    The reason is simple - most people don't realize the impact they are having on their own community by not picking up the waste. Most people today have longer commutes and work longer hours, which means there is less time to take care of things such as picking up after their dog. However, once they are told that there are over 65 communicable diseases associated with dog waste, and that it contributes to approximately 1/3 of water contamination, they are more apt to keep their community clean. Education is the key.

  • Does dog waste attract rodents?

    In short... yes, and a whole lot more! Mice and rats in particular are especially attracted to dog feces as a food source. Their presence alone is a cause for concern, but that's not all. Rats can bring disease and a heavy price tag along with them. The number of diseases that these rodents carry is astronomical, and that doesn't even include the diseases the ticks they carry are harboring. If there is unattended pet waste in your community, there is a good likelihood that these critters are there too. They are most problematic in the winter when they are trying to find a nice warm, dry place to nest. Unfortunately, this usually means your home, under the hood of your car, and even in the grill on your patio or deck. Rats and mice and chew through wood, metal, and much more, which means they can easily gain entry to your home causing significant damage in the process. Don't forget about that nice classic or sports car you have sitting in the garage. If they make their way to making a nest under the hood, they can completely destroy the electronic system in your vehicle by chewing all the wires. To put it mildly, rodents are a problem!

  • What can my community do?

    There are many ways homeowners associations and community members can address pet waste in their community. Pet waste stations, for example, are a great start. The type, number and placement of the waste stations are just a few things to consider before implementing. Increasing awareness via an outreach program is effective. A simple way to do this is to have a community pet appreciation event. Pet owners can attend, mingle and listen to a short presentation on the impacts of dog waste in the community. Finally, dog parks in the community will promote neighborhood pride and tends to help contain the majority of dog feces to a more localized area. We suggest contacting your local pet waste management company to help you implement these and many more ideas to help you maintain a safe and healthy community.

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